• Flood Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Wind Damage
  • Restoration Warehouse

Other 24-Hour Services from DRS of Erie County

Trauma (Crime Scene) Restoration: 

DRS of Erie has state of art equipment to safely decontaminate and restore a site after a traumatic event occurs. We have trained and certified technicians who have mastered the skills of blood clean up and crime scene clean up. Let us keep you safe and remove the liability of household occupants and or employees becoming ill from cleaning up after a traumatic event occurs.

DRS Can help with any of the following and more:

  • Accidental Death Clean-up
  • Suicide Clean-up
  • Homicide Clean-up
  • Blood Loss Clean-up
  • Sewage Clean-up
  • Biohazard Clean-up
  • Medical Waste Clean-up

Hoarding (Property Clean-Up):

More than just a filthy house cleaning service, we help deal with the serious issue of hoarding by offering property clean-up, trash clean-up, odor removal, sanitation and disinfection, cat urine removal and more. If you or someone you know is a hoarder looking for a fresh start, the compassionate and experienced professionals at DRS of Erie will work with you to clean your home and help return you to a more manageable lifestyle. 

  • Hoarding clean-up
  • Odor removal
  • Sanitation and disinfection
  • Trash clean-up
  • Cat urine removal
  • Property clean-up
  • Filth Removal
  • Sanitation Services

Vandalism & Board-Up Clean-up

Vandalism to a home or business can be just as unexpected as fire or water damage. In most cases the damages are less severe, however, in some the damages can be as detrimental to the structure as fire or water damage. No matter the degree of severity, DRS can be the solution to the reconstruction and restoration of your damaged belongings. Vandalism damages can be a formidable opponent in regards to restoration, so it is vital that the damages be tended to as quickly as possible.

Here are some elements to keep in mind when dealing with vandalism damage:

  • Wash off residue from exterior of building (eggs, other non-permanent residues).
  • DO  NOT try and remove paint, or ink from the exterior of building.
  • If paint cans are left behind, save them so the professionals will know the chemical composition of the paint.
  • Make a list of all damages.
  • Do not throw away wood chips left over from damages. These can prove useful during the    restoration process.
  • Remove all glass from carpet and/or upholstery to avoid injury.
  • DO NOT use household cleaning products until you collaborate with your professional cleaner.


Keeping up your business just got easier.  General cleaning services and maintenance contracts are available bi-monthly and monthly, please call 814-833-2000 for more information. 

  • Commercial painting.
  • Commercial carpet cleaning.
  • Tile and grout cleaning.
  • General cleaning contracts.
  • Commercial light bulb maintenance.